Wealth of expierence encouters scientific findins

STYX Naturcosmetic specialises in the production of pure natural cosmetic products. The protective and regenerative power of nature is already researched and passed on in the third generation of the Stix family. This traditional knowledge is the basis for producing natural cosmetics of the highest quality and effectiveness.


The development of natural cosmetic products takes place in the in-house laboratory. New methods are constantly tried out here in order to optimise the effectiveness of natural ingredients. These findings flow into product development as well as quality aussurance and are a guarantee for consistently high quality standard.


Made in Austria

Like long ago, today the products from STYX are exclusively developed and produced in Ober-Grafendorf.

The modern production hall is equipped with two cream mixers with a capacity of 100 kilos and 1,000 kilos respectively. With full utilisation up to 5,000 kilos can be produced here daily.

After combining the individual raw materials in one of the two mixers, the creamy, gelatinous or liquid product is guided to one of the three filling halls. Depending on the consistency and type of packaging for the end product, there are special machines which take over the filling and the hygienic cap.

The machinery utilised by STYX consists entirely of partially automated systems. Individual working steps are still performed by hand.


Climate-neutral production

Ecologically sustainable production is on an equal footing with modern production and filling machines.

The production area and the entire building are heated by the company’s own woodchip plant. So nearly 30,000 m3 of gas and about 60 tonnes of CO2 emissions can be saved every year! In conjunction with systematic reforestation through regional partners, a cycle is created in order to restore extracted resources.

Furthermore, STYX Naturcosmetic utilises solar energy for electricity generation by means of a 280 m2 photovoltaic system: 30% of the annually required amount of electricity is generated by utilising the power of the sun. The remaining energy requirement is covered with green electricity from renewable sources of energy such as water, wind, biomass, geothermal energy or the sun.

With these measures STYX Naturcosmetic already ensures climate-neutral production today and attempts to increase its own contribution towards environmental and climate protection year after year.