The curative, protective and regenerative power which nature offers us was already well-known to our ancestors. For many years we have been using this knowledge to create natural cosmetic products of highest quality and effect. STYX natural cosmetic products are created by using herbal raw materials from organic farming or wild growth and cold-pressed plant oils of the highest quality. Refraining from animal experiments is just as self-evident for us as the use of environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging.

In our establishment, tradition meets modernity and the wealth of experience of our ancestors encounters scientific knowledge. At STYX Naturcosmetic this is not a contradiction, but the basis of successful work. New methods are constantly being applied in the in-house laboratory in order to optimise the effectiveness of natural ingredients. In this way demanding craftsmanship becomes a multifaceted skill.

“We do not reinvent our formulations every day, but place value on preserving what is proven.” Wolfgang Stix

The basis of our philosophy:

  • Traditional knowledge
  • Latest technology and machinery
  • Best quality of raw materials
  • Ecologically sustainable, transparent production
  • No animal experiments

Our natural cosmetic products contain:

  • Herbs from organic farmers and wild growth
  • Cold-pressed plant oil
  • 100% pure essential oils
  • No paraffin oils
  • No ingredients from dead animals