Family tradition


The tradition of STYX Naturcosmetic dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. Florian Stix, the grandfather of present-day proprietor Wolfgang Stix, experimented as early as 1915 with herbs and plants, and mixed the first soothing oinments and tinctures. His knowledge of the curative and protective power of nature quickly caused a sensation and soon made the mixtures from “Stix” well-known in the region.

Florian Stix shared the enthusiasm for natural products with his son Erwin. from childhood on he already had a keen interst in his father’s passion and deepened the traditional knowledge in the course of his studies. Erwin Stix’s scientific and economic approach laid the foundation for the business formation of STYX Naturcosmetic in 1965. Due to his dedication, Erwin Stix laid the foundation for the success story of the family enterprise.

STYX Naturcosmetic had to accept a heave stroke of fate through the death of Erwin Stix in 1984. His son Wolfgang Stix, who had just completed his training as a chemist, subsequently took up his legacy at just 24 years of age and took over the company management. With the knowledge of his ancestors and the cradled enthusiasm for nature Wolfgang Stix made the company an establishes worldwide provider of natural cosmetics.