Child care

Series natural Care for Children


The time for subtlety and care

The mother is very important that the child receives the best care and it was therefore developed product line Styx baby. Pure natural materials have been carefully selected and carefully controlled, as soft and healthy skin makes children’s mothers and children happy.

Styx baby products in this series are made from high-quality vegetable oils and herbs. The first contact of the child with the environment should be gentle and soothing. Often the first contact with the outside world is contact with Cosmetics and we do everything possible to be for all the contact soft and fragrant.

Good skin condition affects the satisfaction of your baby! Products designed specifically for baby’s skin can also be used with confidence even on sensitive skin of adults.

Author: Michaela Stix

“Baby`s Natural Care” series of natural care for children includes: baby cream, children’s bath, body oil and body lotion.