ECOCERT is an internationally recognised organisation for certification of foodstuffs and cosmetic products. The defined quality criteria set a standard for natural and organic cosmetics. STYX Naturcosmetic has been working in close cooperation with ECOCERT since 2011 in order to guarantee the highest quality standards.

Every single product is checked during the certification. In the process, special attention is paid to the origin and quality of raw materials as well as the method of processing in the company. All aspects involved in the value-added process : from raw material supplier to marketing : are controlled in the course of certification by ECOCERT. The entire STYX product range is adapted to the standards in the ongoing process and constant dialogue. Products already certified can be recognised by means of the ECOCERT logo.

Bio controlované

Organic products are specifically subjected to strict controls. According to the latest regulations, all companies engaged in the production of organic products and their products must be strictly controlled. These checks are carried out regularly once a year, and the results must be published directly on the website of the company.

ECOCERT quality criteria for natural cosmetics:

  • 95 % of all ingredients are of natural origin
  • 5 % of all ingredients in the end product stem from organic farming
  • 50 % of the herbal substances utilised stem from organic farming
  • Synthetic dyes and fragrances, synthetic fats, oils, silicones and petroleum products are not allowed
  • No animal experiments with the finished product
  • Use of animal raw materials only from living animals
  • Only specific substances are allowed for preservation
  • Renunciation of genetically modified raw materials
  • No radioactive irradiation for sterilisation of raw materials of products

See also: ECOCERT Standard for Natural and Organic Cosemtics or www.ecocert.de

IHTK – International Association against animal testing in cosmetics

STYX is a member in the International Manufacturers Association against Animal Testing in Cosmetics (IHTK). This guarantees that the product range is produced without animal experiments.

International Association against animal testing in the cosmetics industry (IHTK – Internationaler Herstellerverband gegen Tierversuche der Cosmetics) is an internationally registered trademark and guarantee cosmetics cruelty-free since 1979. It focuses mainly on natural cosmetics, decorative cosmetics, detergents in accordance with strict guidelines.

More information at: www.ihtk.de



Our vegan logo reveals at a glance which STYX products are 100% free from animal ingredients.




“Naturkraft 100% green energy” means that we produce exclusively due to energy from renewable sources (water, wind, biomass, geothermal and solar energy).



Seal “Green Brand Austria” (2014)

a seal of quality brands as a valuable contribution to environmental protection and climate change.






state award

In 2003, products of STYX Naturcosmetic received the state award from the Minister of Economy, for excellent results for the Austrian economy . The state award may be granted by the Austrian Government for exceptional achievements and merits of successful Austrian companies. Based on this valuation the company may state the emblem as a mark of quality.






Made in Austria – a guarantee of quality!

Quality mark is a reference to the international conventions that the product was manufactured in Austria. Character may use a company that produces products with a minimum 50% share of raw materials originating from Austria.